"Killers in the White Coats."

This talk explains the T4 program in Nazi Germany.  The program of organized medical killing by which the Nazis sought to Aryanize the German Race by ridding the Reich of its "Useless Eaters."  The program began first with the children, fetuses to age three, terminating those born incurably physically handicapped or considered mentally incompetent.  The program's threshold was raised to sixteen years old and liberalized to include mongolism, "borderline juvenile delinquency" and "inferior genes," a National Socialist euphemism for Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and others considered non-German.

          Eventually T4 was broadened to include the entire adult population of Germany.  And as the workload expanded so did the need to expand the termination process, from needles and lethal injection to gas chambers.  T4 formed the blueprint for the Final Solution; an insidious program which saw the diabolical collusion of the German medical community, government functionaries and the SS.

Understanding and Interpreting History.

Many Americans have a poor grasp of history.  An affliction due in part perhaps to a poor stimulation towards history.  Much of this is societal:  Lack of interest in the family setting; inferior teaching methods and approaches in the schools; lack of attention paid to history in the popular media.  These are among the plethora of reasons for the lack of attention and regard for history.  Yet history tells us who we are as a people; where we have been, where we are going.  History can arouse and invigorate critical thinking.  History can spur one to understand an event of extraordinary significance, then develop conclusions contrary to those generally accepted as gospel.  And that is gist of this talk.


This talk focuses on events in history and seeks to illuminate results that have been misunderstood or perhaps even latent.  For instance, how that area we call Iraq affected the growth of America in the 19th century; the true meaning of D-Day, June 6, 1944; essence of the Domino Theory; the true meaning of the Louisiana Purchase . . .   These and other examples call into question accepted beliefs on these topics, all in an effort to stimulate critical thinking and conversation on history. 

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