President Harry Truman once observed, "Eleanor Roosevelt was not America's First Lady, but the First Lady of the world."  This talk will span this most fascinating character's life from October 1884 to her death in November 1962.  Eleanor was the first First Lady to address a presidential convention.  During her twelve years in the White House, she gave 348 press conferences; wrote 60 features for the nation's leading magazines; opened up the Democratic party to the Black constituency; she was one of the co-authors of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights; her husband, FDR received 31 honorary degrees; Eleanor, 35.  Mrs. Roosevelt helped to set the standard for her fellow Americans to follow with regards to helping the unemployed, fighting racial discrimination, improving the lot of women; while at the same time showing that a myriad of accomplishments are possible in the face of adversity.  Eleanor Roosevelt . . . a women for all seasons.

The Forgotten Nazi:  Ernst Rohm. 

Most books, articles and presentations concerning Nazi Germany cover the years, 1933-1945.  But what of the formative years, 1919-1934.  By contrast, coverage is lacking.  Especially when dealing with such personalities as Ernst Rohm.  Rohm was a World War I veteran and a founding member of the Nazi Party.  He was an early ally and confidant of Adolf Hitler; and, co-founder and later commander of the Sturmabteilung or Stormtroopers, the SA.  Rohm became a rampant homosexual at age 25 and, was able to address Hitler as "Adolf."  As a leading member of the latter "radical" section of the Nazi movement, Rohm became considered at threat and was violently purged, as was many of the SA leadership on the evening of June 30-July 1, 1934; the infamous Night of the Long Knives.  Following this purge, Heinrich Himmler's SS took its place as Hitler's party guard and would become state within a state.  But Ernst Rohm is that forgotten Nazi in the early years of the Nazi movement, an indispensable asset for Hitler in his rise to power.

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