Politics of the Dollar

Mark Albertson

37 Russell Street,

Norwalk, Ct. 06855


To many Americans the Dollar is little more than their medium of exchange; that Greenback which provides the ability to buy and sell, invest and save. . .   Yet, the brutal fact is that this paper bludgeon is magnificently masked in the garb of deceptive flimsiness; a cudgel with an intimidation factor far more persuasive than any living and breathing soldier, sailor or marine.

Every Dollar is another paper legionnaire, or beefeater for American Capitalism; a mindless, obedient, servant, faithful to a fault . . . ready, willing and able to sacrifice itself on the remorseless battlefield of Realpolitik, to buy, subvert and coerce friend and foe alike in the service of Pax Americana.

Hercules in a Cradle:

Beginnings of American financial power:  The Currency Act of 1764 and control of money in pre-revolutionary America; Alexander Hamilton, as Secretary of the Treasury and the eradication of American debt; Bank War, President Andrew Jackson versus Nicholas Biddle and the demise of the Bank of the United States.

Financial Imperialism:

Growth of American Industrial and Financial muscle:  Spanish-American War; Dollar Diplomacy—Haiti, Mexico, Central America; the 1914-1918 conflict—decline of European colonial powers, rise of American Dollar—Dawes Plan and Germany; Wall Street and Bolsheviks, Depression, Good Neighbor Policy; 1939-1945 conflict—demise of the European colonial powers; “Economic Munich” for Britain; FDR and Pax Americana; Dollar Dominance. . . 


Stablemates:  The Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency and Oil:  Corporate foreign policy effected by oil companies; explanation of the Petrodollar and its effect on international banking.  The Dollar and the balance of power.

Making Society Work for the Few

The machinations of the American Corporate Socialist State:  Paul Warburg and the Federal Reserve; FDR and Wall Street; eradication of Glass-Steagall; 2008 Mortgage Crisis and suborning of Middle Class wealth; Citizens’ United . . . - Norwalk community college