The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurred before the attack on Pearl Harbor, right?  Well believe it or not there were two Americans walking around who believed just that.  Mark Albertson knows he talked to them, young people who, at the time, had just graduated from one of the local high schools!  Such pronouncements lend credence to the plethora of studies that have been done showcasing the swelling indifference and poverty of interest in history, civics and geography in this country.  And this spurred Mark Albertson to write his latest book, On History:  A Treatise.

Georges Clemenceau, the “Tiger of France,” once observed, “War is too serious a business to be left to the generals.”  And so it is with history.  Over and over we have seen how the “intelligent” people that we entrust with our national interests seem to repeat the mistakes of those who came before them.  For instance, consider the rocketing of the USS Stark in the Persian Gulf by an Iraqi fighter-bomber in 1987.  Was it beyond the imagination of our policy makers in Washington not to have expected the possibility of much greater Iraqi bellicosity?  Had the lesson offered by the sinking of the gunboat Panay by the Japanese in 1937 been forgotten?  After all, these attacks were merely fifty years apart.  And the extraordinary thing about both provocations is that the United States was at war with both belligerents within four years after the attacks.  And what about President George H.W. Bush?  During the run up to the Persian Gulf War, it was he who likened Saddam Hussein to Adolf Hitler.  Yet it was Bush who repeated the Fuhrer’s mistake at Dunkirk in 1940 by allowing enemy forces to escape the trap set for them.  This surely led to the slaughter of tens of thousands of Iraqi Kurds and Shias—people who Bush helped to instigate into revolt against the Iraqi strongman. 

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