Markwriter Commentary

by Mark Albertson, January 2018


The new "tax plan" passed by corporate employees in Congress, otherwise known as elected officials, and supported by that unscrupulous oligarch who occupies the Oval Office, is testament to the long-term disengagement of the electorate with their government.  This, together with a draconian form of Capitalism, wielded and practiced by America's Royalty, has eroded what previously passed for Representative Government; in addition to fostering that fiction that has been professed ad nauseam and accepted as gospel by many that government needs to be run along business lines.  Admittedly, a degree of credence is to be accorded here, but only within a functioning system of Representative Government.  The reality, though, is starkly different, since the coup is already over, has been for years with the implementation of the American Corporate State.  And with each successive regime, be it Democrat or Republican, that corporate continuum of Darwinian proportions evolves and persists as the oligarchs, roused by an insatiable passion to dominate, suborn the Rule of Law of a constitutionally ordained government.   


The resulting Corporate Socialism enables pharmaceutical companies to reap obscene profits at the expense of the taxpayer; control of the Nation's money resides with a group of private bankers known as the Fed; the evisceration of the FCC has resulted in a media that is, for the most part, corporate controlled; the eradication of Glass-Steagall opened up America's financial system as a mega-ATM for the privileged; Citizens United guarantees plutocratic control of the Nation's capital; serial corporate wars for resources in support of the Dollar continue unabated . . . The oligarchs, then, see to the needs of the masses only to the extent that it serves the purposes of their agenda, a reconciliation to which the Revolutionary Generation never would have countenanced.  Leaving us to consider that the more Men have the less inclined they are to venture change, leaving, instead, a spiritless, apathetic people in an environment of plenty.  But as the masses' prospects continue its precipitous decline, revolutionary fervor will beget its disciples. 


Yet government, in the end, should be a service, not a business; there to assist the electorate collectively, as opposed to serving an arrogant, predatory opulence, made up of a collection of opportunists who are as undeserving as they are unprincipled and, who seem to be strangers to the Rule of Law and Consent of the Governed; and, which have successfully fostered that mendacious notion of America as the globe's Gold Standard of Representative Government and unswerving defender of the Rights of Man; a perfidious sham of the most toxic variety disseminated through an efficient mechanism of control which misinforms and under-educates the masses; who, in turn, allow themselves to be wooed and wowed by a plastic form of American Exceptionalism which enables the resulting governmental void to be filled by that treacherously arrogant elite who wield the Nation's state religion, Capitalism.  And their weapon of choice, Austerity, which enables these vandals to lay claim to our communities and to any tribute they wish to exact.  Continued submission to such inveterate enemies of Representative Government will only bring about the political and economic incarceration of indentured servitude, that consequence of that relentless Class War being waged, that of Creditors versus Debtors, which will culminate sooner than late in an interminable 21st century serfdom, a process to which Democrats and Republicans have not only been captive servants, but willing participants.  


Thomas Paine wrote in Common Sense, "There are injuries which nature cannot afford to forgive; she would cease to be nature if she did."  Same holds true for Man.  There are injuries put upon the People, which after a period of despotism, can no longer be absorbed.  For when harmony no longer reigns, reconciliation is no longer possible.  It is then that the People, in their righteous might, rise up and smite all those who have inflicted such unprovoked abuses against the masses.  Even the most cursory view of history shows unequivocally . . . that such a day of reckoning surely comes. . . - mark writer commentary