On History

A Treatise

by Mark Albertson

"The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurred before the attack on Pearl Harbor, right?

Well believe it or not there were two Americans walking around who actually believed just that. The author knows he talked to them, young people who, at the time, had just graduated from the local high school! It is just another example showcasing the swelling indifference and poverty of interest to history and geography in this country. And this spurred the author to write this book. In so doing, the author refers to events in history that have a distinct and sometimes controversial contemporary impact.

On History: A Treatise is meant to be a lightning rod to challenge the status quo. To stir the reader to think, to inquire, to learn. On History: A Treatise then, is not geared to those willing to succumb to the numbing conformity of political correctness; but rather those who are eager to question what they read and challenge what they’re told. For the unfettered exchange of ideas is a prerequisite to the survival of a free society. "

136 pages - $10.99 (paperback)

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U.S.S. Connecticut

by Mark Albertson

"On December 16, 1907, sixteen battleships steamed out of Hampton Roads. Over the next fourteen months, they circumnavigated the globe, returning to Hampton Roads on February 22, 1909, George Washington’s birthday. Forever known to history as the Great White Fleet, these coal-burning battleships had steamed an astounding 46,729 miles! USS Connecticut: Constitution State Battleship is the story of the ship that led that historic voyage, a voyage which proved to be the greatest peacetime demonstration of naval power in modern maritime history. USS Connecticut: Constitution State Battleship is a welcome addition to the maritime history of early twentieth century America."

130 pages - $10.99 (paperback)

They'll Have to Follow You!

The Triumph of the Great White Fleet

by Mark Albertson

"“Others may do as you have done, but they’ll have to follow you!” so proclaimed Teddy Roosevelt to the sailors and marines assembled on the afterdeck of USS Connecticut, flagship of the Great White Fleet. The United States Navy had come of age, as sixteen coal-burning battleships carried the Stars and Stripes to the far-flung ends of the globe in the most extraordinary peacetime demonstration of naval power in modern times. It is a story set in the closing stages of the Golden Age of Imperialism, a time when the Great Powers engaged in a battleship-building binge that not only set the world tottering on the brink of global catastrophe, but foreshadowed the later contest in nuclear arms between the United States and the

Soviet Union. In this companion volume to USS Connecticut: Constitution State Battleship, Mark Albertson captures one of the finest moments of the United States Navy. In the first major strategic initiative by the United States in the twentieth century, the Atlantic Fleet Battleship Force circumnavigated the globe, steaming more than 46,000 miles in the most monumental achievement in modern maritime history, a triumph that helped make the United States a global power, and eventually, a super power. Step aboard one of the ships comprising the Great White Fleet and travel round the world in They’ll Have to Follow You! "

212 pages - $13.99 (paperback)